Sofas are chosen for many reasons, for instance how you will use them and which style would suit your room appropriately. Since custom sofa are the piece of furniture that have the tendency to last for years so it is important to know some facts about them;

The use: You need to know the kind of use you have for your custom sofa, that can help you select the other features of it. Find out the following answers will aid you in quick determination;

  • How will the custom sofa be used? Is it mainly for daily activities such as in the living area for relaxing, reading or watching TV or will it be for occasional use?
  • Who will mostly use it? Consider this factor as you would want your sofa in good shape for a long time. So find out whether it is for a tall person or for individuals having knee pain or back spasm? These considerations will help you decide the shape for a comfortable seating.

The shape: So once you have selected the use of your custom sofa you now need to pick a suitable shape that can best serve the purpose. Some recommendations are as follows;

  • A custom sofa of camel back shape has a curve making, with shallow seating and a tight back. This type is good for traditional and formal settings. 
  • For relaxation purposes the custom sofa can be cushy and deep with loose pillows. 
  • For a cozy and conservational setting a sectional sofa shape is ideal. 

The size: The best guide for the size of your custom sofa is the size of your room. Make sure the size isn’t much overpowering and do not make the space congesting. The best way is to measure the entire space, specifically the wall you wish to place the custom sofa against. A sectional sofa is ideal for larger space, they also come in small sectional scales that can work in small spaces too. Whereas the tight back sofa fits perfectly into a small space.  

The Fabric: For the custom sofa to look good for a long time it is crucial to choose the appropriate fabric. 

  • Best is to go for high maintenance fabrics like silk, for areas that are used occasionally. 
  • Textured ones wear and tear less and are sustainable. 
  • For heavy usage microfiber option is the best as they look attractive and are easy to clean too. 
  • If you want the longevity factor then leather is the option for you. There are a large variety of textures and colors in leather, so you don’t have to stick to the typical black and tan ones. 

The color: To select the color for your custom sofa consider the colors and design of your interior. Going with the neutral ones is best as they work with all the themes, especially in the small areas. Patterned ones though can be a good option if any accidental stains occur as they hide them efficiently. 

Considering these factors can aid you in having the ideal custom sofa for your space which is visually appealing as well as functional.

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