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Upholstered Headboard

When we want to style up your bedroom with comfort there are many types of headboards which are best but upholstered headboards for your bedroom is the sensible option. There are many types of headboards that play an active role in reworking the general look and feel of a chamber. It associates eye-alluring focus in an exceedingly large area with borderline effort. Undermentioned you’ll learn a number of the foremost standard reasons our headboarddubai.ae employees commit to enhance with our upholstered headboard as opposed to the quality, typical bed frame.

headboarddubai.ae is the place where to buy or upholstered the headboard. We provide you with a wide range of headboards in queen or king size beds to choose from and give your interior the elegant look it requires. When we look at your bedroom, we feel that our headboard tends to age and with time lose its shape and look. But with our quality headboard, you get the soft and cozy look of your bed back, rather than looking faded and worn out. It appears more inviting for years. There are some important points which should be noticed before we upholstered the headboard.

Budget friendly

When we choose headboarddubai.ae to upholstered headboard, we will experience the great budget because at our online store, you will have a lower price than others. 

Adds comfort.

Typical bed frame cannot offer such comfort that you will experience when you will be upholstered with headboards from us.


Quality is the basic term we always concern before buying anything. In the case of the headboard, we also look for the better quality because choosing the right material for the headboard is necessary that will serve you durability for the lifetime and will be the best in maintenance. 


When you want to install any type of furniture product, size is very important to know because every space has the perfect fit when you will have the perfect size. Our team members are very friendly and helpful when you order this headboard from our headboarddubai.ae. If you feel any problem, we visit your place and guide you to the perfect option for your bedroom. We are especially concerned that the bed should be perfect and goes with the headboard to enhance the look of your bedroom.


Structure of the headboard when upholstered should be according to your bed style and bedroom wall structure. 


Color is also an important factor to be perfect when you upholstered the headboard. The padding and fabric color should go with the bed to give an inviting look to your bedroom. We also do polish and customize colors as per customer’s requirements.


Our designs are functional and appealing. To design a headboard is also the main concern when we are doing upholstery. At headboarddubai.ae, you will have an option. We can even make copies of very famous brand headboards in the same style, color, and design.

Furthermore, if you want to customize the headboard as per your demand, we are here to provide in-home consultation as well as provide free installation and delivery at your doorstep.

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