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When you are thinking to fulfill your demand in the best way, headboarddubai.ae is the perfect option who serves you as you demand. We work with the customer’s ideas and choices to bring out the best furniture solutions from them and that is how we easily create a good rapport with our customers. Choosing the best upholstery is what will serve justice to your furniture, and to buy upholstery from us will provide you with the ultimate furniture solution. We keep our setup to provide versatile design, theme, color, and style. When it comes to the classic look, upholstery is the key feature which is why our experts and professionals of headboarddubai.ae provide you with a wide range of upholstery options with the best fabric to choose from and give your interior the elegant look it requires. We are the topmost company for Upholstery.  Customers prefer to buy from us because we proffer the superlative quality with perfect shape and standard size. Our company is one among offer customization and in-home consultants. 

Our upholstery helps build up the interior and provide an insight of the individuals living or working. This is the basic need that identifies your place be it your home or office. We consist of hallmark features of our quality upholstery fabrics at headboarddubai.ae. To choose the upholstery fabric for your furniture the quality is what many home makers look for and prioritize as they want something looking good and be of easy cleaning at the same time. We experience that furniture chairs and sofas tend to and with time lose their shape and look. When looking for the solution, come to headboarddubai.ae we provide sofa upholstery. We always prefer to provide the soft and cozy texture, rather than looking faded and worn out it appears more inviting.


We made quality upholstery fabrics to provide durability to the furniture when being installed. It is resistant to dust and dirt and can be easily cleaned providing a clean atmosphere as well

Color option

The color selection is what is essential when you want to buy sofa upholstery which is compatible with your interior. We also provide a range of collections in fabric for sofa giving it an attraction to the interior and a perfect match to your interior color combination. Our quality upholstery fabric is fade resistant for if you would place your furniture in the area with most of the sunlight entering the room.

Affordable option

Furthermore, headboarddubai.ae provides you the best and within range keeping in mind your budget and your choices. We have a wide range of upholstery for different kinds of furniture, be it a bed, chair or sofa. Our best sofa upholstery comes with a vast range making you overwhelmed when it comes to choosing one that goes in sync with your styled interiors.


Our upholstery is chemical free, making it easy to maintain and clean providing it long life and durability along with giving the elegant look to your furniture. 

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